You may go form a beautiful picture to a drawing template in a couple of minutes, impress friends and acquaintances with your own picture or surprise children with home-made coloring pages. The new Vectorizer for the iPad makes it possible.


With the new Vectorizer every image can serve as a template.

Choose any image as a background and drawn around the desired shape with either a pen or your finger. The background image can be removed,leaving only the outlines from you template. Via computer the file can beintegrated in another graphic program, where it can be easily reused.


Thanks to brilliant support functions such as the magnifying glass and stepwise over or under glare of the background each iPad-user will becomethe perfect artist. Due to the variability of the individual polygons the individual points can also be subsequently adapted until the drawing template is perfect and it is just waiting to be further preceded or painted by children'shands.


The new Vectorizer includes following features:

  • - enlarge / reduce the template
  • - gradual over - or aperture of the background image
  • - magnifying glass
  • - repeat and undo the last operations
  • - any number of polygons and lines possible
  • - each line can be extended to a polygon (also in retrospect)
  • - change and delete polygons
  • - add, move and delete points
  • - represent points as curves or corners
  • - export as PDF via e-mail
  • - automatic approximation of the contour to a master image

Short application description for the new Vectorizer:

  • - download image template from the Internet or open image file from the iPad
  • - start the new Vectorizer and select the desired image
  • - choose crayon and outline the contours with the finger
  • - optional: correction and adjustment of particular points
  • - export the image sent by e-mail in PDF format

It‘s so easy

Available on the iPhone AppStore